American Moderate Party Platform:

  1. Nationalized Mental Healthcare – Birth to Death
  2. National Affordable Healthcare
  3. Licensing, Tracking and Limiting Lobbyist and Lobbyist Spending
  4. Small Business Development
  5. Nationalized Voting System – Standardized
  6. Lower Voting Age to 17 – Incorporation of actual voting into high school curriculum
  7. Campaign Finance Reform including:
  8. Elimination of Corporate Campaign Finance
  9. Elimination of the present re-district gerrymandering
  10. Maximum Campaign Spending Levels by Office
  11. Elimination of Super PAC’s
  12. Mission Transparency Requirements for all PAC’s on all forms of solicitation.
  13. Welfare Reform Through Education and Training Communities
  14. Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana
  15. Provide rehabilitation opportunities for first time prescription drug offenders
  16. Increase job training and hiring options for non-violent felons
  17. Strong Defense – Increase of the Value of Human Life and Death Benefits for Veterans
  18. Proper Funding of the Veteran’s Administration
  19. National Education Reform including:
  20. Strengthen the Curriculum and importance of Pre-Kindergarten Education
  21. Restructure K-12 to a college campus type structure with Increased Instructor Pay and Continuing Education and/or Publication Requirements.
  22. Replace Standardized K-12 Testing with Completion Projects in grades 6-12.
  23. Restructuring and passage of Constitutional Amendment 28 or like legislation.

Not Part of the American Moderate Party Platform: 

  1. Abortion – Not a political issue
  2. Wedge Issues

wedge issue is a social issue, often of a divisive or controversial nature, which splits apart a population or political group. Wedge issues can be advertised or publicly aired in an attempt to weaken the unity of a population, with the goal of enticing polarized individuals to give support to an opponent or to withdraw their support entirely out of disillusionment. The use of wedge issues gives rise to wedge politics. Wedge issues are also known as hot button or third rail issues. An example of a wedge issue in Missouri would be the vote to not allow gay marriage while gay marriage is already not allowed.